Flexy Slinky-Action Extension Cord

I was curious when I saw this product on a web advertisement and when asked, the nice people at Philatron were kind enough to send me a sample. A springy "slinky" extension cord that coils up nice and neat when not in use....gimmicky?  Let's check it out and see.


My first impression when I saw the box admittedly was disappointment, the box was tiny, about the size of a lightbulb. Did they send me the wrong thing? Nope. Right there on the box it says it's an eight foot extension cord. OK, that's pretty darn cool lets open it up and check it out.

Second impression, again....mild disappointment, the cord was hard to the touch.  I've seen a lot of coily, springy cords in my life such as phone cords and they were all quite soft, hard was a bit offsetting. ....but then I took it out of the box and played with the cord and I rapidly understood why it was hard; if this cord was soft it wouldn't be nearly as effective.  The amount of "spring" in those old telephone cords was nothing compared to Flexy. When I stretched it out and let it recoil, it didn't do a half-baked job, it recoiled to it's original size, the size of a light bulb. The quality of the recoil action was much greater than expected, it was not a partially or mostly recoiled action, one that would make it sort of convenient, it was a full and complete action that returned Flexy to its original shape and length, the size of a light bulb.

Using Flexy on my work bench was the real test and I can't adequately express how pleased I have been with Flexy.  Having this great little extension cord on my workbench allows me to have an additional range of eight feet without the clutter of a tangled extension cord in my way.  I leave Flexy plugged in and off to the side within easy reach, something I wouldn't even consider with a regular extension cord in my limited space. I never would have expected to enjoy this nearly as much as I have, a definite thumbs up. 

Flexy® Heavy Duty Coiled Extension Cord Multi-pak


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