The Best and Easiest Ribs Around

The best ~and~ the easiest? It can't be so. Yes it can. These ribs are the world's easiest, you just need patience because they aren't the fastest, this ain't no 30 minute meal. Just because it is deceptively easy, don't underestimate the quality as these are some of the best ribs you're likely to have ever had, and definitely better than anything you will find in one of those chain restaurants.  First off, lets get some ribs, baby backs are probably the best but this recipe works on everything from beef ribs to country style.

STEP 1: Wash 'Em
Let's face it, ribs are great but every packaged meat needs a little washing. If you don't wash them first, the oily grunge on the outside of the meat can cause your flavors not to absorb and will make a mess of your smoker. Just wash them with warm water, no soap. Pat them dry and we're done.

STEP 2: Carve the Fat 
Occasionally the store butcher is lazy (or dishonest, however you want to look at it) and leaves a considerable amount of fat on the ribs. Get a sharp knife and cut off any obnoxiously large fatty chunks. Don't get too OCD here as these are ribs and a certain amount of fat should be expected.

STEP 3: Season Up
Wow, all the way to step 3 and we're finally getting a recipe. It's not much so don't get so excited, just yellow mustard and dry barbeque seasoning. Squirt on mustard, liberally shake on BBQ seasoning then hand rub in. Make sure you rub the BBQ mustard into all the cracks and crevices, flip and do the same to the back of each rack.

STEP 4: Marinade
I always loved that word m-a-r-i-n-a-d-e, sounds so Emeril. Just wrap up your ribs with cellophane and plop them in the fridge for at least 12 hours, I do 24. This is important, don't skimp.  The time in the fridge is very important to both absorb the flavor into the meat and to allow the mustard and salts to chemically soften the meat.

STEP 5: Smoke It Till It Hurts 
In a carefully temperature controlled environment, place your ribs in at 210F. Make sure the water tray is filled with some nasty dark beer (I'm a Corona guy myself), the darker the better. Smoke with hickory chips. So whats so hurtful about that? You have to keep them in there for 12 hours. Wood chips will be gone in about 4 hours so you will have to refill your chips twice during this and the smell of those ribs will make you so hungry it hurts.

STEP 6: Eat 
These are great with Grandma's BBQ Sauce by the way.

Bon App├ętit

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